Fungal Commensal-to-Pathogenicity (FunComPath)

From colonization to infection: dissection of the commensal-to-pathogen shift of Candida albicans

FunComPath is a network within the Infect-ERA programme ( Infect-ERA is an ERA-Net on human infectious diseases funded under the EU 7th Research Framework Programme (2013 – 2016). It is a continuation of the ERA-Net PathoGenoMics.

Candida albicans is a member of the normal microbial flora of humans, but also the most common cause of life-threatening fungal infections. A major risk factor for these infections is the use of antibiotics and thus the removal of protective bacteria. The FunComPath partners will investigate the shift of C. albicans from harmless colonization to pathogenicity and the protective role of probiotic bacteria and yeasts. The consortium will

  • elucidate the molecular mechanisms associated with this shift,
  • assess the role of the microbial flora in controlling fungal commensalism,
  • explore the role of the metabolism for fungal commensalism and pathogenicity,
  • investigate how the fungus regulates its own mode of commensalism and
  • dissect the potential of probiotic bacteria and yeasts to prevent or treat infections.

It is expected that our data will pave the way to novel therapeutic options.

Please find more information here: Press release FunComPath